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The Huntsman warns her against transforming into werewolf form or she will be trapped as a normal wolf. Back at the Queen’s castlethe Huntsman questions her motives about the silver. Snow White, Red and the Huntsman realize it’s not possible to hide beneath the lake forever, so the Huntsman convinces Red to bring Adair to his senses by showing him his pack does not have freedom while under the rule of the Queen. Unable to stand for innocent lives lost, Snow White tie herself to the crowd.

Shadow of the Queen by Dan Thomse. Stiffly, he replies they will only have freedom and peace when Snow White is dead and ambushes them by calling his pack forth.

When put to the test, where will the Huntsman’s loyalties lie? The idea is if the totem is used on the shape shifting werewolves, they will become normal wolves and give the trio a chance of winning against them. The Queen states she never needed everything; just Snow White. Showing himself to the Queen, the Huntsman pleads for her to let the werewolves go, though she doesn’t see any reason to listen.

Once Upon A Time Shadow Of The Queen

She reveals it is for Snow White ‘s death and explains how she was wronged by Snow White and this plan is the only way to enact her revenge.

Retrieved from ” http: He runs towards the tree containing the totem while Red goes to help Snow White. The Evil Queen agrees.

He also points out the Queen plans to use the werewolves to track down Snow White’s current whereabouts. While he regains his strength, the Minister calls his guards upon the Huntsman, but once again they are no match for him. As he enters, the townspeople run in fear of him. He has been miscredited by some sources for the graphic novel as “Dan Thompson”. Her action induces the rage of the pack, who attempt to attack her, but are deflected back by magic.

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If Once had another comic, what would you want in it? Further away, Red and Snow White reach a cabin. Shadow of the Queen! Contents [ show ]. Relieved to see each other, Red expresses to Snow White that the Huntsman has a plan and surrender to the Queen will not be necessary.

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Shadow of the Queen Series: Red makes an escape as Huntsman grabs the box and runs into the woods. No, we never learned her real name. Once Upon a Time: He asks if she is in a festive mood with the realization happiness doesn’t mean getting everything. Justice League 37 3.

Later vownload, the Huntsman melts down the silver to create arrowheads and continues to warn the Evil Queen about the creatures she is planning to see. From Red’s display of concern on her face, the Huntsman picks up that she knows Snow White.

She orders him to use an arrow on the wolf, but the other werewolves recognize the beast as Red and attempt an attack. Red returns the box and assures him she is not an enemy. Despite the Huntsman shooting down some of the werewolves, the ice beneath Snow White and Red cracks and they fall in.