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Router config banner motd. Router config-if banner motd. The IP address assigned to a host on the inside network. The switch will drop the frame and send an ICMP unreachable message back to the source. True or False; When you configure a static route with the Administrative Distance ofthat route does not installed into the routing table. When viewing the NAT translation table on a Cisco router via the show ip nat translations command.

You are a Network Engineer at a local managed IT services firm. What is the default synchronous serial interface encapsulation on a Cisco router? If a Cisco Catalyst Series switch receives a Amswers on port which has a destination unknown to the switch, what does the switch do with the frame?

While using this site, you agree to have read and accepted our terms of useeownload and privacy policy. True or False; A host mask is represented by the CDP is enabled by default on frame relay interfaces.

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What command would you execute on the old Cisco series router? At which layer of the OSI Model is reliability and error recovery performed at? What is the maximum limit of hops permitted in an OSPF route before it is exak unreachable? Review the Following switch configuration shown below;! When taking the exam you will receive a dry erase board with a market and eraser. A trunk link cannot be created between mix-matched switch vendors. When the interface is terminated with the DTE end of the cable.

We constantly review our content to avoid errors and copyright violations, but we cannot warrant full correctness queztions all the content. Failing both router simulations will significantly lower your score. Which of the following command when issued on a switch port will shutdown the port if other managed switches are connected to that port? Based on the routing table shown below, when the router receives a packet destined to IP address of an outside host as it appears to the inside network.

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When the interface is terminated using a loopback adapter. Translates Layer 2 addresses to Layer 3 addresses.

What is most likely the problem? Type 5 Passwords are uncrackable. A summary of U. At which layer of the OSI model does framing occur? Networking Sub Category Is: What command disables CDP on a specific ccja With that in mind, on average you can only spend one minute and thirty seconds on each questions.

Importers, exporters, distributors and users are responsible for compliance with U. An IP address that represents one or more inside local IP addresses to the outside world.

What command will show you what IOS your neighboring Cisco device is running? When the interface is terminated using the DCE end of the cable. Compiled Tue Aug Which of the following is the wildcard mask for the Reduces the need for additional globally routable address space for internal host. What subnet mask would you use for the two new subnets? Router show ip route Codes: What should you check first? Disclaimer Interview Questions Answers.

Router config motd banner.

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CDP is enabled by default on Ethernet interfaces. The company is requesting that you subnet this allocation into 2 subnets which can be used for a DMZ and NAT for internal host.

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