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Oracle 11g MCQs pdf free download. The installation proceeds with the default value without warnings and errors. All of the above. Undo retention guarantee must be enabled.

The archived log files are missing for which backup is not available. The user has dropped an important table that needs to be recovered.

Which of xownload following is not a grouping function. Copy one of the remaining control files to a new location. An actual parameter is declared within the called procedure.

Which of the following statements is true about implicit cursors? Configure daily database backup to flash recovery area. If left out, which of the following would cause an infinite loop to occur in a simple loop? How would the developer define this variable using referential datatypes? A database user terminates the session abnormally. At the end of the upgrade, you observe that the DBA executes the following script: Identify the correct sequence of steps?

All that apply C. None, cursor for loops handle cursor opening implicitly.

Select the correct order in which these tasks need to be performed. You are working on a new Oracle Database 11g server, where only the software is installed and no database is created. What are the three parameter modes for procedures? For which task is it best to use a character oeacle enclosed by double quotes?

Select the best answer below. You are not able to start up the database instance because the required database downooad are missing. Implicit cursors are used in cursor for loops to handle data processing.

The ASM-preferred mirror read feature is enabled. The hard disk on which the data file is stored is corrupted.

Flash recovery area and data file location should be on separate disks. Developers should use implicit cursors with great care. Which identifier is valid? Below query is run in SQL Serveris this query valid or invalid: Fetches records from cursor. The ASM disk is dropped immediately from a disk group when it becomes unavailable.

Formal and actual parameters must have different names. Subprograms and anonymous blocks can be called by other applications.

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