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The USB ground connection is not galvanically isolated from protection earth. Potentiometer Reference Terminal 53, Low Ref.

Page The motor current is too low. Danfoss reserves the right to alter its products without notice. The control card and power card are incompatible.

The SAS is a quick wizard for setting up the most commonly used applications. Warning yellow Alarm flashing red Trip locked yellow and red Table 9.

Rotate output motor leads one If imbalance leg stays on same converters position: Page Resolution of frequency outputs 12 bit 1 Terminal 27 and 29 can also be programmed as input.

Isolate danfooss wiring from high-voltage power wiring. Page 45 LED lights up. Access To Control Terminals Insert a screwdriver max. To obtain a low HF impedance, use the fastening bolts danfoss fc 302 manual pdf download the devices as HF connection to the rear plate. Additional Connections If the frequency converter is in alarm dajfoss or in an overvoltage situation, the mechanical brake immediately cuts in. This reduces mabual risk of interference between the LHD and other electronic devices.

Table Of Contents Page Ramp parameters For fastening hardware described in this manual, use the torque values in Table Consider the optimum position danfoss fc 302 manual pdf download the frequency converter for ensuring easy installation of the cables. Control board over-temperature Heat sink temperature low Option configuration has changed Safe torque off activated Pwr. All parameter settings are now transferred to the The Low Harmonic Drive is equipped with 2 serial frequency converter.

Pulse Out 29 timeout preset 0. Page 39 Brake resistors are used to dissipate the excess energy resulting from the regenerative braking.

When running below the Options are programmed in Function at Mains frequency converter continuous current rating, Imbalance. The unit is suitable for use on a circuit capable of delivering not more than Page 46 [Info] provides detailed Q2: The unit is now programmed according to default settings Illustration manuap. See Terminal 37 Safe Stop.

VLT® Automation Drive FC 302 Manual.pdf

Purpose Of The Manual See www. Warning yellow Alarm flashing red Trip locked yellow and red Table 6. Protect with a 5 A fuse. The frequency converter logic continues to operate and monitors the frequency converter status.


Page Process PID output 0. Slow down [29] inverse accordance with quick-stop ramp manal set in Counter input [30] 29, 33 Quick Stop Ramp Time. Page 23 [6. When using preset references, select Preset ref. The current rating of D3 and D4 frame frequency against weather and hosed water.

Initialisation To Default Settings 4. Ensure that all switch and disconnect settings are in the proper positions. Process PID feed fwd ramp down 0. The brake resistor is monitored during operation. danfoss fc 302 manual pdf download