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My rake keeps coming of the track on one side causing it to run along the track unevenly any help it then gets stuck I have taken it off and realined it twice. Thank you so much for coming to our rescue. I have done the reset about 10 times now and nothing happens. I have managed to repower by constant cycling effort and now leave the power on. Fixed the LitterMaid in 10 minutes without tools!!!

The littermaid dpwnload manual was written by a qualified repair littermaid repair manual pdf download. Very nice, book was emailed to me within 10 min. I have the instructions for replacing it but am unable to find a place to purchase littermaid repair manual pdf download cord or reach Larry.

LitterMaid Repair Manual

If a little old lady, 67 years youngin Arkansas can fix it from your instructions anybody can. What can I do to fix this?? The photo sensors on my Littermaid Elite littermaid stopped working. Thanks for you your help!

I am sure you have heard what I am going to tell you many times already. Came home from weekend away to find my littermaid rake stuck repaig the wrong end. A lot of the stores here in my area won’t carry them anymore because of the high returns.

Great seller, great product! If a little old lady, 67 years young, in Arkansas rdpair fix it from your instructions anybody can. I broke the left arm for the flap piece that goes up and down to cover the littermaid repair manual pdf download.

The pictures are excellent.

Thanks for the manual I fixed littermaid repair manual pdf download in 10 minutes I was about to buy a new one!!!! A pleasure doing business! FYI, for those previously asking about replacement rakes, the company out of the blue sent downloas a new one a year or so ago. I will hold on to the information for future use. Great seller, quick, easy, and littermaid repair manual pdf download Great Manual, Great Ebayer.

Does anyone have any advice before I contact Amazon I bout the LitterMaid through them to complain and try to get my money back? Definitely worth the money downlowd fixed my box in a few minutes Thanks! I just wanted to thank you for writing the book.

Applica Use and Care Manuals

The second machine I can only get to cycle by turning power off and on currently under warrantee claim Company offers no help on any issue other than replacement. Item delivered within minutes of payment. I have never had any problems with it until recently. Your email address will not be published.

Chapter two saved my bacon! Reply to littermaid repair manual pdf download comment. I have had that pan apart so many times!

Does anyone sell replacement parts? Looks like a great book! Fixed problem in 2 min!!

Rake is reversing again — no longer stuck. My Littermaid is several years old and used by two cats. Littermaid repair manual pdf download have searched and see no reference to a replacement on the Littermaid website, nor in the instruction manual. In about 20 minutes, I was able to fix the problem. Thanks to you my LitterMaid is working great again. I fixed my litter box in less than 5 minutes!!!!

Thanks especially for the details about the little springs popping out as they definately did. No need to hurry out and buy a new one. I got this on CL. Repaired my LM today. He has a repair manual that is awesome!

LitterMaid Broken? DO NOT TOSS IT OUT!!

My catsitter broke it. Book has great pictures and easy to follow instructions. I want people to know you have a quality product here!