You can find these kinds of power ratings at techreport , anandtech , and tomshardware. If the table column is a numeric value which can be anywhere within a range of values then that is shown as the lowest value, then a “.. But it’s not very good at telling you how much wattage the video card will draw from your power supply. If you’re looking at buying a particular video card then you should check the specifications carefully to see if they vary from the standard ones included here. Molex4 – Has a 4 pin Molex peripheral power connector. These numbers are included only for comparisons within the same GPU family. The most common practice is to measure the clamp meter wattage when the computer is idling.

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This table column is the peak fill rate in gigatexels per second. If the table column is a numeric value which can be anywhere within a range of values then that is shown as the lowest value, then a “. Just remember ati radeon 9550 rv350 video adapter these wattage numbers are an approximation. Occasionally, you also ati radeon 9550 rv350 video adapter across versions of the same model which have different specifications.

This is a minor update to DirectX DirectX This table column gives the version of DirectX that this video card was designed to support. This table column provides the video outputs included on the standard configuration for this video card. So for newer video cards, the fill rate measure just isn’t that useful anymore.

This doesn’t include a ahi of processing units because those are dynamically allocated by unified shader architecture GPUs. If the unit s operates at a different frequency than the GPU clock then it has an ” ” followed by the clock rate in MHz. This is an incremental step forward from PS 2.

CL_inf – Windows Vista: INF for the ATI display driver v / (32bit)

Games which don’t support dual setups are not included. Noise This table column lists the amount of noise made by the card’s cooling system when running at peak load for the standard cooling configuration.

Ati radeon 9550 rv350 video adapter there are too few cards in the same speed range with benchmark data then the card is given a “? This is not the wattage load delivered by the AC power cord to the computer. Vieo video card outputs.

You can also read about them if you’re good with Babel Fish on pages like thisthisthisthisthisthisand this. If you’re considering gaming performance then there’s very little benefit in getting the MB model. So basically, those numbers are educated guesses. The game benchmarks included in the Speed atj only include games which ati radeon 9550 rv350 video adapter support dual cards.

Windows Vista: INF for the ATI display driver v10.2 / 8.593.100.000 (32bit)

If the memory clock has a range of values then the memory bandwidth contains a range of values. One video card can be faster than another at one game and then the positions are reversed with another game. Results may vary based on driver versions used. If this video card commonly has a short list of possible RAM clock rates then ati radeon 9550 rv350 video adapter are listed separated by “,”s.

Campaign Period begins February 27, and ends on May 20, or when supply of Coupon Codes is exhausted, whichever occurs first. Video card performance can vary wildly from one game engine to another. For example, if a video card ati radeon 9550 rv350 video adapter have a GPU clock of either or then it appears as “, “.

As a result, scenes with far more visible objects will be possible. Video card models which don’t have this note ati radeon 9550 rv350 video adapter don’t support HDCP.

It adds among other things the ability to access textures which can allow for more interesting effects. It’s presence is noted only. The speed ati radeon 9550 rv350 video adapter isn’t that accurate. ATI hasn’t been very specific either so the numbers below are a best guess.

The websites which measured these values only measured one card. Unfortunately, there are some MB cards which also have 64 bit video RAM which slows the cards down a lot. PC manufacturers may vary configurations yielding different results. For example, under most circumstances, one PS2. That’s what the power supply actually has to deliver to the video card.

Some video cards have custom cooling solutions which make different amounts of noise. Loud – This card is loud ati radeon 9550 rv350 video adapter to be annoying. Aux power This table column lists any auxiliary power connectors required to power the card. Unified shader architecture hardware SM4. Reportedly, they are fast enough to get serviceable performance from the Aero user interface in Windows Vista.

This is the value for the standard implementation of the video card. Game performance can vary among different versions of display drivers.

Sometimes there are changes within a family like between the NV20 and the NV Some are better with full adapteer anti-aliasing while others are better with none. About the table The table is sorted ati radeon 9550 rv350 video adapter fastest to slowest at average 3D gaming performance across a number of different games. You can read more about memory bandwidth on this page.