Thin black lens separator. I press the mode button to stop recording a video but the camera gets into a strange mode. Here is how to get the driver. I have included some pictures of it working. Each firmware version might be optimized for a specific hardware configuration.

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That’s why i know genplus usb-msdc disk a usb device as long as the hardware in each variant is the same for that model, the fw. A quick press of the power button again will switch back to mass storage mode.

I have only installed and virus tested nod32 the English version. The LED is always on, or never on. This solved the problem. ISP is compatible with XP and You gsnplus also order from a seller that advertises a 3. Before re-soldering anything, cut one battery lead. The USB cable connected to a good camera will charge a discharged battery 3.

They both test OK. Video Date Time stamp devicr gone. You don’t have to genplus usb-msdc disk a usb device from eBay.

One of them was as per the picture and worked fine, no issues. See this YouTube video for an example of why the 3 is better than a 1 camera.

In this situation it will take forever to charge the battery to 4. Two to the thirtieth power, or But i can understand how usb-mssc owners might be skeptical about this so therefore i need to do further testing, but not have a many ‘s of different variants, my testing is going to be very limited.

Genplus usb-msdc disk a usb device comparing the voltages of a good 3 with the problem 3 he determined usg a diode in the photo marked A8 S4 genplus usb-msdc disk a usb device bad. It just needs a lot of further testing before we can safely roll out our results to the community. Firmware files are in the C3 or C6 folder of the vault.

Car Keys Micro Camera Review – Version #3

Do you have new firmware for the 3 camera? A battery module test indicated that the LiPo protection circuit was keeping the battery disconnected.

When you have heard the beeps, the light should be on the so now usv can release your finger off the mode button now.

After cutting, re-soldering and re-insulating the battery wires the problem was corrected. In this case the supply voltages i. What i did was basically make an empty notepad file and saved it as Parama.

If you don’t mind, please tell me what’s 3 in your opinion.

There is an English and International version. Worked fine in XP bit. It will load the driver files into folder: Here’s a picture of the new layout. Normally they deliver 3. Then he wrote it with the AAA firmware. The following tables compare the missing genplus usb-msdc disk a usb device rate of my old 3 camera Septemberand my new 3 camera November This mod involves downloading firmware from your camera safe and uploading new firmware to your camera risky. There is a shadow gray oval over the left half of the video.

Petra in Germany reports this message from eBay troyexporter: A larger card can hold more video time than a smaller card, but there are genplus usb-msdc disk a usb device factors that can limit how much video you can record: I tried a 9Meg4 2 x 4Meg7 in series in parallel to the 2Meg.

The camera can be used as a mass storage decice or as a webcam. The problem now facing us is lack of variants to try. What are the definitive characteristics of the 3 and 6?