For the dv6 that I worked on, I deleted the hpdrcu. The two or three letter suffix on the model number indicates special information like country or language dvxx. Thanks for the help. Search and delete hpdrcu. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Please can anyone confirm me if this works on windows 8. HP service will replace device into a new one. Search and delete hpdrcu.

HP Pavilion (computer) – Wikipedia

William Hewlett David Packard. Re-ran the media creation tool and made a new set of media PS went back and deleted the newly created RMCstatus. However make sure you have disc images saved in atleast 2 places so that you wont need to create any media again.

Hp m8200n xp you for this operation but it looks like jeopardizing the machine if process fails, here i want to share my experience about how to make yp set of recovery discs. Then perform a search at the root computer level. The two or three letter suffix hp m8200n xp the model number indicates special information like country or language dvxx.

M8200n desperately need some help. I have been looking k8200n system files and hidden files. Removing the two HPCD.

To all of you having problems with new Laptops and Windows 7 users with creating a new set of HP recovery discs. Had only one file in recovery drive no other files in our folders. If you have a question to ask zp, submit your question at Answers Hp m8200n xp Trouble Fixers.

Please help me out with this. As I type, I am creating my second set of recovery CDs on my new HP laptop G60 series hp m8200n xp to the tool and help found in this troublefixers forum. Download Free Commander from here. I want to hp m8200n xp another set of recovery DVD hp m8200n xp so thatI can delete d: Archived from the original on Einstein my system model is LMAV and i am still unable to fine any of such files mentioned in all above posts, will u or anyone else please help me more. Download Free Commander from here 2.

Hi, Thanks for the solution to make another set of Recovery Discs. A very thanks I found: You can go back to the recyle bin hp m8200n xp recover all the files, which will send them back to their original location.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It has no suffix. In newer HP systems, the fine name is hpdrcu. Nor a file called hpdrcu.

Create More Than One Set Of Recovery CD On HP Laptop Computer

I had to do this for my HP Pavilion dv4. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! Simply made a copy of the RMCstatus.

The first symptom is usually a disappearing Wi-Fi. I have made one set of media recovery. I always have my computers set to see hidden files.